Fortran 90+ Workshop Bits and Pieces

Stephen So (January 2011)

This page contains links to some slides I've prepared on introducing the Fortran 90+ (90, 95, 2003) language as well as links to some free development tools for Windows. 

I have included some 32-bit static libraries of LAPACK and BLAS that were compiled using gfortran (mingw32) on Windows for the Intel Core 2 Duo.

Fortran 90+ Workshop Materials

PDF slides

List of Intrinsic Functions in Fortran 90/95 (by Stephen J. Chapman)

Free Fortran 90+ Compiler and Development Tools

Getting started with gfortran and NetBeans in Windows in 8 steps (PDF)

GNU GCC and gfortran installer

NetBeans 6.9.1 IDE

NetBeans screenshot

Example program and data files

More Fortran examples
Finding the kinds supported by the compiler kinds.f90
Linear regression example data reg.dat

Useful Numerical Libraries (32 bit for Intel Core 2 Duo)

LAPACK static library (liblapack.a)
BLAS static library (libblas.a)

Single precision FFTPACK source code